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What is Quadrature Incremental Encoders thumbnail image

Looking to track direction of motion or want to squeeze a few extra counts out of your encoder? You’re going to want to know about quadrature.   Read More »

Published 5/6/2020 in Blog

What is an index incremental encoders thumbnail image

An Index is a unique channel on an encoder disk that can be used to return a system to a zero or home position after a loss of power. Not all encoders have an Index position and not all applications would require or need one.   Read More »

Published 5/6/2020 in Blog

Project Pitlane ventilators use Encoders Covid19 thumbnail image

US Digital encoders may play a role in helping save lives during the coronavirus pandemic.   Read More »

Published 4/9/2020 in Blog

Motor manufacturer uses custom software thumbnail image

When ElectroCraft needed help validating encoder output for a customer, it turned to us for help and walked away with a completely customized software solution at no cost.   Read More »

Published 3/10/2020 in Blog

In-house engineering talent automates process thumbnail image

In the past our surface mount technology line technicians had been loading PCBs for all our products manually. After releasing our E4T and E8T miniature optical encoders, we challenged our in-house engineering talent to find a way to automate the process and free up technicians time.   Read More »

Published 2/24/2020 in Blog

Supports first robotics team mean machine 2019 thumbnail image

Robots, rocket ships and deep space sound may sound like parts of a work of Science Fiction, but for FIRST Robotics Team #2471 Team Mean Machine it’s just another year competing in one of the world’s largest robotics competitions.   Read More »

Published 1/13/2020 in Blog

How does electrical noise impact your encoder thumbnail image

Electrical noise can wreak havoc by injecting false signals onto encoder lines, or by overwhelming real signals entirely. It’s often intermittent, which can make diagnosing and fixing it a nightmare. But with a few simple techniques, you can drastically reduce electrical noise so that it doesn’t cause problems for the transmission of the signals from your encoder.   Read More »

Published 12/9/2019 in Blog

Where are encoders used in the oil industry thumbnail image

Where do encoders face their toughest operating conditions? One answer at the top of the list is in the petroleum industry, where encoders are used everywhere.   Read More »

Published 11/25/2019 in Blog

Encoder resolution accuracy and precision thumbnail image

If you need an encoder that can measure very small distances, which of the following is most important to you: resolution, accuracy or precision? Not sure? This post will break things down for you.   Read More »

Published 11/11/2019 in Blog

How are encoders used on pumps in medical? thumbnail image

Every pump has a mechanism that moves a fluid. If you need to track the amount of fluid that passes through the pump, you can attach an encoder to that mechanism.   Read More »

Published 10/21/2019 in Blog

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