ICYMI, We Made a Few Small Additions to Our Encoder Lineup

US Digital’s E16, E4T and E8T series of small rotary encoders.

Small rotary encoders are a big thing these days.

As motors (and all electronics for that matter) continue to get smaller, we realize we need to shrink our own products to better support our customers needs.

Our E16, E4T and E8T optical encoders provide digital quadrature feedback for high volume, restricted space applications. The E16 Micro Optical Kit Encoder offers high resolution and Index. The E4T Miniature Optical Kit Encoder and E8T Miniature Optical Kit Encoder offer differential output and support a larger range of shaft sizes.

Learn more about our line of miniature encoders and download the specification sheets using the comparison chart below.

  E16 E4T E8T
Diameter 16mm 19.51mm 25.61mm
Shaft size 1.5 & 2mm 2mm to 0.250 in. 3mm to 0.375 in.
Bolt circle 0.394 in. [10mm] 0.586 in. [14.88mm] 0.750 or 1.53 in. [19.05 or 32.51mm]
CPR 256–4096 100–1000 180–720
Index Yes No No
Differential Output No Yes Yes

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     Published 4/21/2021 in Blog