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Announcing a New Shaft-based Sibling of Our Smallest Optical Encoder

The New S16 Micro Optical Shaft Encoder

  • High Resolution, Up to 4,096 CPR
  • Incremental Output with Index
  • Small, Low Cost Package

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Announcing the M3K Miniature Magnetic Encoder

Incremental and Absolute Output in One Encoder

  • High Resolution, Up to 8,192 CPR
  • Incremental and Absolute Output
  • Small, Low Cost Package

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Introducing Our Smallest Optical Kit Encoder Ever

The All-New E16 Micro Optical Kit Encoder

With CPR up to 4,096 and design that provides A, B, and Index digital quadrature signals, the E16 is perfect for use in high volume, restricted space applications.

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QSB: Quadrature to USB Adapter

The QSB-S and QSB-D are designed for basic testing of incremental, PWM and analog encoders without use of an oscilloscope.

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“How to Pick the Right Encoder for Your Next Project”

There´s a huge range of encoder choices out there. How do you select the best type? Our newest white paper breaks it all down to help you decide.

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New shafted miniature encoder joins US Digital’s lineup

US Digital on January 17, 2022, announced it was expanding its line of miniature encoders with a new shafted encoder, the S16. More…

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