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E5, E6 encoders now support 30VDC internally thumbnail image

US Digital is announcing a new output configuration that enables many of its popular incremental encoders to accept power up to 30VDC without external adapters.   Read More »

Published 9/20/2023 in News > Press Releases

Announcing s16 micro optical encoder thumbnail image

US Digital on January 17, 2022, announced it was expanding its line of miniature encoders with a new shafted encoder, the S16.   Read More »

Published 1/18/2022 in News > Press Releases

New Magnetic Encoder M3K thumbnail image

The new M3K Miniature Magnetic Encoder is available with incremental output or an incremental and 12-bit absolute output configuration.   Read More »

Published 2/21/2021 in News > Press Releases

US Digital Releases New Small Encoder E16 Optical thumbnail image

The new E16 Micro Optical Kit Encoder has a 10mm bolt circle, fits 1.5mm (0.059″) and 2mm (0.079″) shafts and provides A, B and Index digital quadrature signals. It comes in a variety of resolutions ranging from 250/256 to 4,000/4,096 CPR.   Read More »

Published 9/16/2020 in News > Press Releases

US Digital celebrates 40th anniversary thumbnail image

US Digital in May celebrated its 40th anniversary as a U.S. Manufacturer of optical encoders and other motion control components.   Read More »

Published 5/26/2020 in News > Press Releases

800 CPR Resolution Option Added to EM1 Module thumbnail image

US Digital on Tuesday announced that it is adding 800 CPR resolution to its EM1 transmissive optical encoder.   Read More »

Published 3/18/2020 in News > Press Releases

EC35 Commutation Encoder with Higher Resolutions thumbnail image

US Digital on Tuesday announced that it is expanding its EC35 commutation encoder line with 3 new, higher resolutions, topping off at 60,000 CPR. The 3 new encoder configurations will make their official debut at SPS in Nuremberg, Germany.   Read More »

Published 11/26/2019 in News > Press Releases

E4T and S4T Miniature Optical Encoders Are Now Ava thumbnail image

We've got some great news about our smallest encoders. The E4T and S4T miniature optical encoders are now available at even higher resolutions than before! With two new CPRs of 512 and 1000, we've successfully doubled the resolution while keeping the housing unchanged.   Read More »

Published 11/13/2018 in News > Press Releases

US Digital Releases New MD3 Microstepping Motor Driver thumbnail image

US Digital, a U.S. manufacturer of motion control products since 1980, announces the release of the MD3 Programmable Microstepping Motor Driver. It is capable of driving motors from NEMA size 14 to 42. The MD3 accepts 9-50VDC power inputs and rated for currents up to 7A continuous duty.   Read More »

Published 8/6/2018 in News > Press Releases

Paylink Now Available to US Digital Customers thumbnail image

Introducing PayLink from Nodus Technologies, Inc.. PayLink is a fast, secure, and convenient way for US Digital customers to make credit card payments 24 hours a day, seven days a week from anywhere!   Read More »

Published 5/21/2018 in News > Press Releases

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