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US Digitals new M3K Miniature Magnetic Encoder.

US Digital’s new M3K Miniature Magnetic Encoder. US Digital’s new encoder breaks the mold of what engineers expect from a magnetic encoder. The new M3K Miniature Magnetic Encoder is available with incremental output or an incremental and 12-bit absolute output configuration. Yes, you read that right. Incremental and absolute output in one encoder. Despite the small size, only...   Read More »

US Digitals E16 Micro Optical Encoder is a small kit encoder designed for use with small diameter stepper motors.

US Digital’s E16 Micro Optical Encoder is a small kit encoder designed for use with small diameter stepper motors. Vancouver, WA - US Digital on September 16, 2020 announced a new small encoder would make a big addition to its product offering. The new E16 Micro Optical Kit Encoder has a 10mm bolt circle, fits 1.5mm (0.059″) and 2mm (0.079″) shafts and provides A, B and Index...   Read More »

US Digital Founder and CEO David Madore

Vancouver, WA – US Digital in May celebrated its 40th anniversary as a U.S. Manufacturer of optical encoders and other motion control components. “Looking back on these 40 years, I couldn’t dream of anything that would be more of a blessing than this experience,” US Digital Founder and CEO David Madore said. “Not only for me, but for our team – many of them have been here for decades as...   Read More »

Vancouver, Wash. — US Digital on Tuesday announced that it is adding 800 CPR resolution to its EM1 transmissive optical encoder. The EM1 module is available in various CPRs ranging from 32 to 2500. The latest addition of 800 CPR makes the EM1 better suited for two-phase stepper motor applications, specifically for microstepping. The new resolution will also be available on optical encoders...   Read More »

Nuremberg, Germany — US Digital on Tuesday announced that it is expanding its EC35 commutation encoder line with 3 new, higher resolutions, topping off at 60,000 CPR. The 3 new encoder configurations will make their official debut at SPS in Nuremberg, Germany. “Whether they are using commutation or not, the EC35 is a popular size and form-factor with a lot of our customers,” said Neal...   Read More »

E4T and S4T Miniature Encoders

We've got some great news about our smallest encoders. The E4T and S4T miniature optical encoders are now available at even higher resolutions than before! With two new CPRs of 512 and 1000, we've successfully doubled the resolution while keeping the housing unchanged. Utilizing state-of-the-art transmissive optical sensing technology, these newly announced resolutions now support applications...   Read More »

MD3 Microstepping Motor Driver

Vancouver, Washington, USA, August 6, 2018 - US Digital, a U.S. manufacturer of motion control products since 1980, announces the release of the MD3 Programmable Microstepping Motor Driver. It is capable of driving motors from NEMA size 14 to 42. The MD3 accepts 9-50VDC power inputs and rated for currents up to 7A continuous duty. In addition to digital input controls, the MD3 can be configured...   Read More »

Nodus PayLink

Introducing PayLink from Nodus Technologies, Inc.. PayLink is a fast, secure, and convenient way for US Digital customers to make credit card payments 24 hours a day, seven days a week from anywhere!With a one-click link to review invoice details and make payments, the PayLink process is fast and easy. There's no need to log into a website, a payment portal, or retype financial information with...   Read More »

Anaheim, California - February 8, 2017 - US Digital, a US manufacturer of quality motion control since 1980, today announced the introduction of the E8T miniature optical encoder. Combining small form factor and resolutions up to 720 CPR, the E8T is ideally suited for medical and other space sensitive applications that require reliable position and velocity feedback. The E8T's small package...   Read More »

ISO 9001:2015 logo

US Digital announces its ISO 9001 standards certification renewal from ISO 9001:2008 to ISO 9001:2015. As part of the ISO certification process, US Digital engaged in a rigorous audit of its business and manufacturing processes, as well as product quality requirements. These standards are followed throughout the company including areas such as customer service, design, manufacturing, assembly...   Read More »

Vancouver, Washington, USA, March 18, 2015 - US Digital is pleased to announce our full new line of E4T's and S4T's available up to 360 CPR are available for purchase. These products are designed to replace the E4P and S4 products and deliver a marked performance increase over similar encoder models. The E4T and S4T utilize state of the art transmissive optical sensing technology, and...   Read More »

US Digital Earns Microsoft Dynamics® Dynamic Business: Small and Medium Business Award Vancouver, Washington, USA, February 12, 2014 - US Digital Corporation was recognized by Microsoft® with the 2014 Dynamic Business: Small and Medium Business Award as part of the Microsoft Dynamics Customer Excellence Awards program. They will be honored by Microsoft executives at an awards luncheon on...   Read More »

Vancouver, Washington, USA, November 26, 2013 - US Digital has raised the performance bar of their popular encoder module series by releasing a next generation high resolution encoder module - the EM2 - capable of resolutions of up to 5000 CPR in a 1-inch diameter disk. Previously, a maximum resolution of 1250 CPR was available in a 1-inch diameter disk format utilizing the very popular EM1...   Read More »

Vancouver, WA, October 31, 2013 - US Digital, U.S. manufacturer of motion control products, announced they have achieved the ISO 9001:2008 certification based on standards established by the international organization. US Digital received the certification from PRI Registrar, which involved a rigorous audit of business processes, manufacturing processes and products. Scope of Registration...   Read More »


US Digital introduces the EC35, a high performance 35mm commutation kit encoder ideal for BLDC motors. The EC35 is high resolution, has more accurate timing than Hall effect sensors, and provides simple assembly for OEM applications. The EC35 features include: A/B/Z Differential Outputs Frequency Response from DC to 1 MHz 500 - 10000 Cycles Per Revolution (CPR) 2000 - 40,000 quadrature...   Read More »


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