Absolute positioning part of assembly process thumbnail image

When one of our Mechanical Engineers was looking to automate an assembly process, his design included a robot with absolute positioning capability.   Read More »

Published 9/12/2023 in Blog

Encoder tracking with serial numbers thumbnail image

We put a serial number on every one of our EM1 and EM2 modules and a manufacturer order number on encoder covers to track when individual components were made.   Read More »

Published 8/10/2023 in Blog

How to configure MD3 stepper motor driver thumbnail image

Our MD3 stepper motor driver can drive size 14 to 42 stepper motors from full stepping up to 256 microsteps per step. In this blog post we’re going to walk you through how to set up the MD3 and configure it using a Windows PC.   Read More »

Published 7/27/2023 in Blog

encoder packaging explained thumbnail image

You can save a little bit of cash on your encoder purchase if you order in bulk, but that isn’t always the best-case option for all our customers. In this blog post we’re going to do a deep dive on our packaging options to help you make an informed decision.   Read More »

Published 5/15/2023 in Blog

How does an encoder work? thumbnail image

Our incremental encoder modules have an LED on one side and a photo sensor on the other. A metal HubDisk is attached to a shaft on a motor and aligned in such a way that the transparent mylar disk passes between the LED and photo sensor in the module. A series of printed lines on the disk block light from the LED from reaching the sensor. The spaces between the lines do not.   Read More »

Published 3/28/2023 in Blog

How to test and configure inclinometers and encoders with any PC thumbnail image

Our Device Explorer app works with any currently supported Windows PC and allows you to easily test, configure as well as run a few sample programs that demonstrate the capabilities inclinometers and encoders.   Read More »

Published 3/27/2023 in Blog

How to verify the resolution of a quadrature encoder without an Oscilloscope thumbnail image

Anyone with a PC running Windows and a US Digital Quadrature to USB Adapter (QSB) can run the Quick Check for QSB software to quickly verify that an encoder’s expected resolution matches its actual one in 5 easy steps.   Read More »

Published 3/7/2023 in Blog

When do you need an absolute encoder thumbnail image

If your application requires that you know the actual orientation of the shaft following any power cycle before movement is made, you’re going to need an absolute encoder. Why would that be? Read the post to find out.   Read More »

Published 11/4/2021 in Blog

Difference incremental vs absolute encoders thumbnail image

What exactly is the difference between incremental and absolute encoders? Both can be used to measure distance, speed, acceleration and position of a mechanical system. The key difference is what happens if that system has a loss of power.   Read More »

Published 10/6/2021 in Blog

Small Rotary Encoders thumbnail image

Small rotary encoders are a big thing these days. Our E16, E4T and E8T optical encoders provide digital quadrature feedback for high volume, restricted space applications.   Read More »

Published 4/21/2021 in Blog

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