What’s the difference between our encoder packaging options?

You can save some cash on your encoder purchase if you order in bulk, but that might not be the best for option for you. In this blog post we’re going to do a deep dive on our packaging options to help you make an informed decision.

For packaging on most of our encoder kits, we have three options: bulk and two individual configurations. These different options look similar when you’re ordering four or less encoders but when you’re ordering in larger quantities, things can look quite a bit different. Part of that has to do with how things are packaged. Part of that has to do with how many tools you get with your order.

What is encoder bulk packaging?

E5 encoder components in bulk packagingIf you select bulk packaging, denoted by a "B" at the end of your part number, our kit encoders ship with like components packaged together in individual bags or containers. Modules ship in plastic tubes, disks ship in clamshells, covers, bases and hardware ship in plastic bags. 

With bulk packaging, you receive one set of assembly tools per order and an additional set of tools for every hundred additional encoders.

In other words, if you order 100 encoders or less, you’ll get one set of assembly tools. If you order 101 encoders, you’ll get two sets. If you order 201, you get three, etc.

This is a great option for an assembly line where one person will be assembling all of the encoders.

What is individual packaging (option 1)?

If you select the first individual packaging option, "1", each encoder kit will be packed separately. In this case, all the components necessary to assemble one encoder, except for the tools, will be grouped together in one package, either an ESD tray or bag.

Just as with the bulk option, you will receive one set of assembly tools with each order and an additional set of tools for every additional hundred encoders you purchase.

This is a great option for a service person who doesn’t need multiple sets of tools but will only be installing one encoder at a time. 

What is individual packaging (option 2 or 3)?

E5 encoders in individual packaging clamshellsIf you select individual packaging option "2" or "3", each encoder kit is packaged separately, and you get one set of assembly tools with each encoder.

This is a great option for selling the complete kit with tools for individual sales to your customers or if you are a service person who may not always have encoder assembly tools.

Side note: Option 2 is available for encoders with push-on hubs. Option 3 is available for encoders that have HubDisks that are secured with set screws. Option 3 comes with a hex tool to secure the HubDisk. Option 2 does not include a hex tool because a set screw is not used for push-on hubs.

Wrapping it up

The different packaging options also come with different prices. Bulk is the cheapest, with individual option 1 and 2 being the middle option and option 3 being the most expensive.

We hope this helps clear up product packaging, but if you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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     Published 2/22/2024 in Blog