US Digital updates encoders to support up to 30VDC internally

US Digital is announcing a new output configuration that enables many of its popular incremental encoders to accept power up to 30VDC without external adapters.

The new internal device is available for the following US Digital products: 

  • E5 and E6 optical kit encoders
  • S5, H5, S6 and H6 optical shaft encoders
  • HB5M and HB6M hollow bore optical encoders

Encoders designed for streamlined use with 24VDC

US Digital E5 and E6 series incremental optical encoders on a red paper backdrop

The product update originated when a customer ordered a large number of encoders along with PC3 cable drivers. The request was unusual, so the sales team followed up with the customer to learn more about the project.

"After talking with our customer, we learned that encoders were the only part of their build that ran at 5 volts and they wanted to simplify things," said US Digital COO Neal Donowitz. "After calling a few other customers, we saw that there was some interest in encoders that could natively operate at 24 volts."

After the sales team determined there was interest, they started coordinating with engineering and manufacturing to develop a solution.

The new internal component is now available and can be found under "output options" when configuring the E5, E6, S5, S6, H5, H5, HB5M and HB6M encoders at

US Digital designs, manufactures and assembles its products in the Pacific Northwest. Visit for more details including mechanical drawings, specifications and pricing information.

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     Published 9/20/2023 in News > Press Releases