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Incremental Output

This post continues our discussion of the various classifications of encoders identified previously Form of Output One of the most common classifications used for encoders is whether their architecture is incremental or absolute in design. This refers to the type of output the encoder emits, or what information is being provided by the encoder. This post will begin our discussion of...   Read More »

What do these have in common?

What do an organ, a black widow spider, and a scale have in common? It has always been intriguing how companies came into existence. US Digital's founding is an exclamation to the saying - "necessity is the mother of invention". David Madore, the founder of US Digital, worked at the time as a design engineer for a medical ultrasound imaging company. The equipment had many knobs on the...   Read More »

US Digital Product Family

We will continue in this post going through the various classification of encoders which were identified in our earlier post. Mechanical Configurations Mechanical configurations include differences based on whether the encoder comes with a shaft or will be installed onto an existing shaft. There are also different configurations based on the size of the motor, the required IP rating,...   Read More »

NASA robot

NASA doesn't just make spaceships! Who Made the First Optical Encoder? We have been researching the answer to that question for some time and although we have been able to gather some great information both from encoder manufacturers and my own research, at this point we do not have a definitive answer. When we initially tried searching for an answer, someone had answered the...   Read More »

Mars Lander

Encoders Have Been Used in Space Exploration for Almost 70 Years In our March 12th post, we identified different ways by which encoders can be categorized. In that post we focused on the first category - type of movement which encoders are able to monitor. Today we will discuss the second category: sensing technology used in most encoders. Note: The descriptions and drawings in this post are...   Read More »

Latte Printing,

Edible Printing Has Arrived! In our last post we focused on encoders based on the type of movement which is being measured. In this post we will see those encoders being used in real world situations. Check out the video links throughout this post! Industries highlighted are Medical, Printing, Laser Engraving and Concentrated Solar Power. Rotary encoders are indispensable in the...   Read More »

Interior of solar power system.

Interior of a Concentrated Solar Power System Encoders are critical elements in a motion system because they provide position and/or velocity feedback to the motion controller, enabling the controller to close the positional control loop. The number of applications which require encoders is extensive and the types and sizes of encoders that serve these applications are just as...   Read More »

Wire Measuring from 1910-1920

Wire Measuring Machine from 1910-1920 In the previous blog, we offered many definitions of encoders and based on the definition chosen, the above wire measuring machine qualifies as an encoder. For now, ignore that picture and we will chat about it later in this blog. Today's post will discuss current uses of encoders which are happening all around us. Unless otherwise specified,...   Read More »


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