PCN 7030 - E5, E6 (LD5 and LD6) Line Drive Option

As part of our ongoing continuous improvement efforts, multiple improvements are being incorporated into the LD5 and LD6 encoder line driver boards which are options used in the E5 and E6 kit encoders. The LD5 currently is produced using a green PCB masking, it is now being changed to black PCB masking and has new markings designed to improve readability (see below). In addition to the product modification, we are also changing the packaging for the LD5 and LD6 – both will now come in a protective plastic ESD tube that is designed to better protect individual components and prevent the potential of bent connectors. Previously both the LD5 and LD6 were put directly inside an ESD bag (see below).

PCN 7030

Download PCN 7030

Published in Product Change Notifications on Wednesday, September 2, 2020


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