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Uninstall the old version of the USB4 drivers before installing the latest version. Perform the following steps to make sure all USB4 device entries have been uninstalled before installing the lastest version. To remove old USB4 drivers from Windows Vista and Windows 7. 1. Go to Control Panel and double click on System. You can also right-click "Computer" on the Start menu (or on the desktop...   Read More »

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This document describes the communication format for the QSB product. It also lists and describes the commands available for the QSB device. QSB Commands List.pdf (625KB)   Read More »

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SEI Serial Encoder Interface Bus Data Sheet US Digital's SEI bus is a simple, quick and convenient way of networking SEI encoders to a USB port of a standard Windows computer using an SEI-USB adapter and simple cabling. The SEI-USB is able to power a handful of encoders while drawing current from the USB port; a wall-mount PS-12 power supply is available to furnish the power for networks with a...   Read More »

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SEI Absolute Encoder Communications Protocol Data Sheet Each encoder on the bus is assigned a unique address between 0 and E. The host computer is the master of the bus, while the encoders are slaves. Encoders cannot initiate communication, rather the host sends commands and the encoders respond. The first byte of a command always includes the address of the encoder to be selected. Address F is...   Read More »

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This spreadsheet program helps the user of the ED3 set the correct parameters for the Tachometer mode. Enter the encoder CPR and desired RPM resolution and see if it will give the desired RPM display results. Tachometer_spreadsheet.xls (21KB)   Read More »

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