US Digital Releases the EM2 High Resolution Encoder Module

Vancouver, Washington, USA, November 26, 2013 - US Digital has raised the performance bar of their popular encoder module series by releasing a next generation high resolution encoder module - the EM2 - capable of resolutions of up to 5000 CPR in a 1-inch diameter disk. Previously, a maximum resolution of 1250 CPR was available in a 1-inch diameter disk format utilizing the very popular EM1 encoder module.

The higher resolutions offered by the new EM2 encoder module now allow many of US Digital's products such as the E5, E2, S5, S1, H1 and H5 to extend resolutions beyond the current 1250 CPR limit up to 5000 CPR.

For more information visit for additional details and to download a comprehensive EM2/EM1 comparison chart.

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     Published 11/26/2013 in News > Press Releases