US Digital Updates EC35 Commutation Encoder with Higher Resolutions up to 60,000 CPR

E4T and S4T Miniature Encoders

Nuremberg, Germany — US Digital on Thursday announced that it is expanding its EC35 commutation encoder line with 3 new, higher resolutions, topping off at 60,000 CPR. The 3 new encoder configurations will make their official debut at SPS in Nuremberg, Germany.

“Whether they are using commutation or not, the EC35 is a popular size and form-factor with a lot of our customers,” said Neal Donowitz, US Digital Chief Operating Officer. “Adding these new, higher resolutions makes this an even more well-rounded product. We’re excited to see what kind of things our customers can do with the added resolutions.”

The EC35 is a kit encoder designed for high-volume, low-cost, OEM motion control applications. It’s ideal for brushless DC motors and fits shaft diameters from 5 mm to 3/8". Previously, the CPR on the EC35 encoder topped off at 10,000. The new resolutions will allow for more fine motion tracking at a range of speeds, and up to 240,000 quadrature states per revolution.

While a resolution of 60,000 CPR isn’t unheard of in the world of optical encoders, it’s a hard thing to find in a product the size of the EC35, which is 1.5 inches (38.1 mm) in diameter.

The EC35 also offers A/B/Z differential outputs; frequency response from DC up to 1 MHz; U/V/W commutation outputs (differential or open-collector); and connects to a single 5V supply.

As with all US Digital products, the EC35 is designed and manufactured in Vancouver, Washington USA and is backed with five-star customer service, same-day fulfillment, and high reliability.

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Published in Press Releases on Thursday, November 21, 2019