SP-16 16 CPR Optical Shaft Encoder

End of Life (EOL) Notification: The SP-16 is EOL and not recommended for new product development. See PCN 1030 for details or contact US Digital® support at support@usdigital.com for more info.

The SP-16 is no longer available for purchase.

SP-16 Product Description

The SP-16 is a rugged, reliable, low cost optical incremental encoder that converts shaft angle, speed, and direction into real-time digital information. The shaft is torque-loaded to feel like a potentiometer. Two quadrature outputs provide 64 quadrature states per revolution (16 CPR x 4). The internal electronics and LEDs draw less than 27 mA from a single +5 V supply. Placed behind a knob on a front panel, the SP-16 offers these advantages over other types of man-to-machine interfaces: direct rotary to digital conversion with no digit bobble, no contact wear and no mechanical stops. Limits can be defined by the system designer. No gearing is required for multi-turn operation. Non-torque loaded and ball bearing versions of the SP-16 are available for motion control applications. 

Product Specifications

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Operating Temperature -20 to 85 C
Storage Temperature -40 to 85 C
Vibration (5Hz to 60Hz) 20 G


ParameterSleeve Bushing Ball Bearing
Max. Shaft Speed 100 rpm
100 rpm (N-option)
10000 rpm
Max. Shaft Torque 0.7 ± 0.3 in-oz
0.3 in-oz (N-option)
0.05 in-oz
Max. Shaft Loading 1 lbs. dynamic
10 lbs. static
1 lb.
Weight 1.0 oz. 1.0 oz.
Max. Shaft Total Indicated Runout 0.0015 in. 0.0015 in.
Max. Panel Nut Tightening Torque 20 in-lbs 20 in-lbs
Technical Bulletin TB1001 - Shaft and Bore Tolerances Download


Supply Voltage 4.5 5.0 5.5 V  
Supply Current - 22 27 mA  
Low-level Output   0.15 0.4 V no load
High-level Output 3.5     V no load
Output Current - High (IOH)     0.6 mA Vout = 2V@0.6mA
Output Current - Low (IOL) - 8 18 mA Vout = 0.4V@18mA
Symmetry 150 180 210 deg. See note
Quadrature Delay 60 90 120 deg. See note


Symmetry is a measure of the relationship between the high and low times of the A/B outputs in electrical degrees. Quadrature Delay is the phase lag or lead between channels A and B in electrical degrees. See "Output Waveform" for an illustration.



Note: The SP-16 uses the CON-C4 mating connector.

Product Change Notifications

Title Date Description Download
EOL SP-16 - PCN 1030 6/17/2013 This PCN is a formal notification that US Digital is discontinuing the SP-16. Download

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Product Notes

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