MD3 Software

The MD3 software enables users to explore various features of the MD3 product.

MD3 Software Installer

This Windows installer contains the following:

  • MD3 Setup Program  - The MD3 Setup program presents a simple interface for customers that want to configure the MD3 to function as US Digital’s previous MD2S-D or MD2S-P product.
  • MD3 Demo Program  - The MD3 Demo program gives the user full control of all the features of the MD3.
  • MD3 User Guide.pdf  - Provides an Introduction to the MD3 product, a Quick Start Guide, an overview of the Setup and Demo Programs, MD3 Operation, MD3 Interfaces, Serial Interface Protocol and MD3 Register Description.
  • MD3 latest firmware
  • MD3SoftwareInstaller.msi

    Download , Windows 8 (32 & 64 bit) Version 1.0.19