White Papers

Encoder Feedback Devices: Basics for Motion Control Engineers

Abstract: Selecting the right encoder for a unique application can be a daunting task for the design engineer. This white paper, Encoder Feedback Devices: Basics for Motion Control Engineers, covers commonly asked questions when considering encoders for motion control applications. From basics such as mechanical configuration and absolute versus incremental to the differences in accuracy and... Read More »

Student White Paper: Using the MA3 Absolute Shaft Encoder to Determine Wind Direction. Authors Kevin L. and Justin D., Confederation College, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

Abstract: Two electrical engineering students in the computer control program at Confederation College completed their third year project, a remote weather station, utilizing the MA3 miniature absolute encoder to test wind speed and direction on a wind vane. The MA3 was selected due to its small size, analog output of 0 to 5 Volts, and the availability of a ball bearing option to provide little... Read More »

How the T7 Networked Absolute Inclinometer Drives Down the Cost of Solar Energy in Concentrated Solar Power Systems

Abstract: Concentrated solar power (CSP) and concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) methodologies generate electricity by focusing a large amount of sunlight onto a much smaller area. To maximize efficiency, the sunlight needs to be accurately focused. Being off by even a single degree could result in a significant drop in efficiency, and the biggest impact to the cost of delivering solar energy is... Read More »