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US Digital Releases New Small Encoder E16 Optical thumbnail image

The new E16 Micro Optical Kit Encoder has a 10mm bolt circle, fits 1.5mm (0.059″) and 2mm (0.079″) shafts and provides A, B and Index digital quadrature signals. It comes in a variety of resolutions ranging from 250/256 to 4,000/4,096 CPR.   Read More »

Published 9/16/2020 in News > Press Releases

Customer Spotlight: Hydrow Rower Optical Encoder thumbnail image

Our encoders are used in a variety of fields – everything from manufacturing automation, aerospace, textile manufacturing, solar power to exercise equipment. In this post we’re excited to put the spotlight on Hydrow which is revolutionizing the rowing machine.   Read More »

Published 9/9/2020 in Blog

Customer Service Focus thumbnail image

Most companies will tell you that they have a stellar customer service team, but we are confident we can actually back up that claim. That’s because one of our core beliefs is that we are here to help our customers succeed.   Read More »

Published 8/11/2020 in Blog

We use automation to create new opportunities thumbnail image

You may have seen reports from MIT researchers that say that – on average – each robot added to manufacturing replaced 3.3 workers nationally and lowered wages. While we can’t speak for other industries or manufacturers, we can say that automation and robotics enhance the jobs of our employees and lead to more, sustainable jobs in the long run.   Read More »

Published 7/8/2020 in Blog

US Digital celebrates 40th anniversary thumbnail image

US Digital in May celebrated its 40th anniversary as a U.S. Manufacturer of optical encoders and other motion control components.   Read More »

Published 5/26/2020 in News > Press Releases

What is Quadrature Incremental Encoders thumbnail image

Looking to track direction of motion or want to squeeze a few extra counts out of your encoder? You’re going to want to know about quadrature.   Read More »

Published 5/6/2020 in Blog

What is an index incremental encoders thumbnail image

An Index is a unique channel on an encoder disk that can be used to return a system to a zero or home position after a loss of power. Not all encoders have an Index position and not all applications would require or need one.   Read More »

Published 5/6/2020 in Blog

Project Pitlane ventilators use Encoders Covid19 thumbnail image

US Digital encoders may play a role in helping save lives during the coronavirus pandemic.   Read More »

Published 4/9/2020 in Blog

800 CPR Resolution Option Added to EM1 Module thumbnail image

US Digital on Tuesday announced that it is adding 800 CPR resolution to its EM1 transmissive optical encoder.   Read More »

Published 3/18/2020 in News > Press Releases

Motor manufacturer uses custom software thumbnail image

When ElectroCraft needed help validating encoder output for a customer, it turned to us for help and walked away with a completely customized software solution at no cost.   Read More »

Published 3/10/2020 in Blog

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