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We believe visual storytelling is key to helping others understand our products, what we do, how we do it, and why. Here you'll find product highlights, tutorials, customer spotlights, motion control industry news, and the occasional peek at what's happening inside US Digital.


Our New and Improved Injection Molding Machine

Mechanical Engineer Camilla Garcia recently completed work on a new automated machine that processes encoder module lenses after they are injection molded. The new machine improves upon existing design and effectively gives us 3 extra days of runtime on the machines each week.


Meet Lias, Our New Custom Machine Vision System

We recently built and installed a custom machine vision system to automate a visual inspection process in our plastic injection molding area. The system, called LIAS or the Lead frame Inspection Automation System, checks our optical encoder module lead frames for defects from the manufacturing process and stores them in cartridges that are sent to our clean room for the next part of the manufacturing process.


Automating SMT Line Using Custom Panel Loader

After releasing our E4T and E8T miniature optical encoders, we decided to take a look at improving efficiency in our surface mount technology (SMT) line by automating the PCB loading process. Learn more about our custom solution, and how we used our E6 optical encoders and MD3 microstepping motor drivers in the build.


Streamlining an Assembly Process with a Delta Robot

When laser cutting room operators ran into issues preparing new, miniature optical encoder disks for a new product, US Digital turned to its in-house engineering team and a delta robot to solve the problem. The automation now allows operators to spend their time on other tasks and increases efficiency of production of the E4T encoders.


Guess What We Did With a Trash Bag

Our team of practical problem solvers take on an unexpected (but minor) issue in our plant using trash bags, tape and some ingenuity.


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