HUBDISK-1 1 in. Transmissive Rotary Disk

HUBDISK-1 Features

  • 1 in. disk with hub
  • 32 to 5,000 CPR (128 to 20,000 PPR)

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HUBDISK-1 Product Description

Restriction of Hazardous Substances

US Digital offers a wide variety of standard HubDisk assemblies (optical encoder disk attached to an aluminum hub) to aid mounting onto a shaft. Encoder disks may also be ordered as stand-alone items. The rotary encoder disks are made from 0.007 in. thick Mylar polyester film, and the material allows for a -40C to 100C temperature range. The disk on the HubDisk assembly comes attached with the emulsion side up when the disk text is right-reading.

HUBDISK-1 consists of a precision machined aluminum hub fastened to a 1 in. diameter optical encoder disk (DISK-1). One .050 in. flat-to-flat set screw is used to fasten the hub to a shaft. The HubDisk assembly is available with bore sizes ranging from 2mm to 10mm. All HubDisk assembly bores are held to a very tight tolerance defined by US Digital Technical Bulletin, Shaft and Bore Tolerances TB1001.

Product Specifications

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Temperature Range -40C to 100C
Hub Set Screw Torque 2-3 in-lbs
Bore Diameter Tolerance See Technical Bulletin TB1001
Outside Disk Diameter (OD) 1" ± 0.010 in.
Disk Thickness 0.007"


Technical Bulletin TB1001 - Shaft and Bore Tolerances Download


Title Date Description Download
HUBDISK-1 Packaging Change Notification - PCN 6297 4/30/2018 As part of our ongoing continuous improvement efforts, US Digital is implementing a change to the packaging of our 1-inch Hubdisk assemblies.

We are replacing the current plastic tube packaging with a 25-count plastic tray. The tray is a two-piece design with snap-on lid and anti-static coated for ESD sensitive environments. This change is designed to enhance the ease of handling for our customers, easy removal of the individual hubdisk, and protection against potential damage due to long-term storage of hubdisk assemblies.

This change does not affect form, fit, or function of the final product.
Hub Set Screw Production Change - PCN 5367 7/20/2015 As part of our ongoing continuous improvement efforts, US Digital is implementing a change related to the production of our 5/16" (.313), 8mm (.315), 3/8" (.375), and 10mm (.394) HUBDISK assemblies. We are adding a low strength threadlocker to the set screw during our assembly process to assist in securing the set screw in the hub during transportation. This will aid in the set screw retention of these specific hub sizes; ensuring the retention is sufficient and avoid the potential of them backing out of the hub assembly during transit. This change does not affect form, fit or function. Download


32 HUBDISK-1-32-*-NE EM1-1-32-N    
50 HUBDISK-1-50-*-NE EM1-1-50-N HUBDISK-1-50-*-IE EM1-1-50-I
96 HUBDISK-1-96-*-NE EM1-1-100-N HUBDISK-1-96-*-IE EM1-1-100-I
100 HUBDISK-1-100-*-NE EM1-1-100-N HUBDISK-1-100-*-IE EM1-1-100-I
120 HUBDISK-1-120-*-NE EM1-1-100-N    
200 HUBDISK-1-200-*-NE EM1-1-200-N HUBDISK-1-200-*-IE EM1-1-200-I
192 HUBDISK-1-192-*-NE EM1-1-200-N HUBDISK-1-192-*-IE EM1-1-200-I
250 HUBDISK-1-250-*-NE EM1-1-250-N HUBDISK-1-250-*-IE EM1-1-250-I
256 HUBDISK-1-256-*-NE EM1-1-250-N HUBDISK-1-256-*-IE EM1-1-250-I
360 HUBDISK-1-360-*-NE EM1-1-360-N HUBDISK-1-360-*-IE EM1-1-360-I
400 HUBDISK-1-400-*-NE EM1-1-400-N HUBDISK-1-400-*-IE EM1-1-400-I
500 HUBDISK-1-500-*-NE EM1-1-500-N HUBDISK-1-500-*-IE EM1-1-500-I
512 HUBDISK-1-512-*-NE EM1-1-512-N HUBDISK-1-512-*-IE EM1-1-512-I
540 HUBDISK-1-540-*-NE EM1-1-540-N HUBDISK-1-540-*-IE EM1-1-540-I
720 HUBDISK-1-720-*-NE EM1-1-720-N HUBDISK-1-720-*-IE EM1-1-720-I
800 HUBDISK-1-800-*-NE EM1-1-800-N HUBDISK-1-800-*-IE EM1-1-800-I
900 HUBDISK-1-900-*-NE EM1-1-900-N HUBDISK-1-900-*-IE EM1-1-900-I
1000 HUBDISK-1-1000-*-NE EM1-1-1000-N HUBDISK-1-1000-*-IE EM1-1-1000-I
1024 HUBDISK-1-1024-*-NE EM1-1-1024-N HUBDISK-1-1024-*-IE EM1-1-1024-I
2000 HUBDISK-1-2000-*-IE EM2-1-2000-I
2048 HUBDISK-1-2048-*-IE EM2-1-2048-I
2500 HUBDISK-1-2500-*-IE EM2-1-2500-I
4000 HUBDISK-1-4000-*-IE EM2-1-4000-I
4096 HUBDISK-1-4096-*-IE EM2-1-4096-I
5000 HUBDISK-1-5000-*-IE EM2-1-5000-I


*Represents the bore size

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Product Notes

  • US Digital® warrants its products against defects in materials and workmanship for two years. See complete warranty for details.



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