EDAC2 Encoder Digital to Analog Converter

EDAC2 Features

  • Converts any incremental encoder into an analog position sensor
  • 12 bit analog resolution
  • 0 to 4.095V or 0 to 10V unipolar output voltage operation
  • ± 4.095 or ± 10V bipolar output voltage operation
  • Reset can be configured to zero or mid-range voltage
  • Simple DIP switch defined programming
  • DIN rail mounting is available
  • TTL logic level output bit to indicate direction of rotation or linear movement

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Configure the EDAC2

The EDAC2 is no longer available for purchase.

EDAC2 Product Description

The EDAC2 converts the A and B quadrature output of an incremental encoder into a voltage that is proportional to the encoder position. The output from the encoder causes an internal 12-bit counter to count up or down. The output of the counter is fed into a 12-bit DAC that converts the 12-bit position count value to an analog voltage.

Eight DIP switches are provided to select various options. The user can choose unipolar output mode with 0 to 4.095V or 0 to 10V output, bipolar output mode with ±4.095V or ±10V output, 1X or 4X counting, reset on index, reverse rotation, midrange reset and range limit counting. Full scale output in 10V mode is actually 9.962V.

The EDAC2 has an internal counter that may be reset in one of three ways: by pressing the reset button, power cycling the unit or enabling the reset on encoder index. The reset may be configured to either mid-range or zero volts.

The EDAC2 also provides a TTL logic level output bit, which changes state to indicate the polarity of the analog voltage output.

Power for the EDAC2 is provided by an external power supply which also provides +5VDC to an external encoder through the encoder input connector. A three position screw terminal block provides the analog output connections and logic level direction bit output.

Product Specifications

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Unless otherwise specified, all accuracy measurements assume operation within temperature range 0C to 70C.

Voltage Out to Encoder 4.8 5.0 5.2 Volts Under 100mA load
Input Supply Voltage 12 -
16 Volts
Supply Current -
12V input, no encoder load
12V input, 250mA encoder load
Full Scale Output Error - Analog Output -0.5
% full scale
% full scale
0 - 4.095V output range
0 - 10V output range
Integral Non-linearity Error - Analog Output -3.0
0 - 4.095V output range
0 - 10V output range
Offset Error - Analog Output -6.0
0 - 4.095V output range
0 - 10V output range
Quadrature Encoder Inputs*
   Logic Low
   Logic High





Polarity Bit Output
   Logic Low
   Logic High





8mA (sinking current)
-4mA (sourching current)
Analog Output Load Impedance 2000 - - Ohms

* Diode clamped to ground and +5V, 5kΩ pullup to +5V.

Absolute Maximum Ratings

Operating Temperature 0 - 70 C
Encoder Current* 0 - 250 mA
Quadrature Input Frequency 0 - 400 kHz
Analog Output Update Frequency 0 - 400 kHz

* +5VDC power for external encoder.

DIP Switches

The EDAC2 is programmed by eight DIP switches in either an up or down position.

SwitchNameUp ↑Down ↓  Explanation
0 Not Used - - -
1 Reset Mid-range Zero Reset voltage level
2 Range Limit Range Limit Rollover Sets counting mode
3 Count Multiplier 1X 4X Enables quadrature counting
4 Analog Voltage 4.095V 10V Sets full scale output voltage
5 Reverse A / B B / A Swaps increasing count direction
6 Index Reset No Reset Ignores the index or resets on index
7 Output Mode Unipolar Bipolar 0 to +VDC or ±VDC output


Encoder Input:

1 Ground
2 Index
3 A channel
4 +5VDC power
5 B channel

Analog Output:

1 Ground
2 +VDC output
3 Polarity

Power Input:

Center 13 to 16VDC
Outer Barrel Ground

Product Change Notifications

Title Date Description Download
PCN 1011 9/21/2011 The AD2B, AD4B, AD7, EADAPT, EDAC2, EDIVIDE, EPOT, EQUAD, ESUM, ESWITCH, ETACH2, SEI-USB, USB-232 currently utilizes a printed thermal transfer label. This label will no longer be used and will be replaced by laser marking directly onto the housing of the product. The purpose for this change is to create a more durable solution, and eliminate the possibility of the label being inadvertently removed from the housing. Download
EOL EDAC2 - PCN 1034 6/17/2013 This PCN is a formal notification that US Digital is discontinuing the EDAC2. Download

Additional Information

Product Notes

  • Cables and connectors are not included and must be ordered separately.
  • US Digital® warrants its products against defects in materials and workmanship for two years. See complete warranty for details.

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Product Configurator

This product is no longer configurable or available for new applications.


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