LFLS7266R1-S Features

  • Dual 24-bit counters to support X and Y axes in motion control applications
  • Dual 24-bit comparators
  • Digital filtering of input quadrature clocks
  • Programmable 8-bit separate filter clock prescalers
  • Error flags for noise exceeding filter band width
  • Programmable Index Input and other programmable I/Os
  • Independent mode programmability for each axis
  • 28-pin SOIC package

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The LFLS7266R1-S is no longer available for purchase.

The LFLS7266R1-S is no longer available for purchase, and has been replaced by our recently released LS7267-S. The LS7267-S is a redesigned, enhanced version of the LFLS7266R1-S, and is already available for purchase.

LFLS7266R1-S Product Description

Restriction of Hazardous Substances

The LSI Computer Systems LFLS7266R1-S is CMOS IC useful in motion control applications. The two 24-bit multimode counters, registers, and logic enable a microprocessor to track the speed, direction, position, and index of one or two optical incremental encoders. In addition to an 8-bit data bus, programmable real-time inputs and outputs are provided for hardware-based control functions and status indication.

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