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US Digital® offers several varieties of inclinometers, each with unique features to satisfy both CSP and PV solar tracking applications.

Utilizing the motion control technology in our highly accurate and competitively priced position sensors enables your operation to be tuned precisely, maximizing the efficiency of your solar collection system.

Find practical application examples in our white paper How the T7 Inclinometer Improves Solar Tracking or visit and

Product Comparison

Output FormatAbsoluteIncrementalIncrementalAbsolute/IncrementalAbsolute
Number of AxesOneOneOneThreeOne
Degrees of Rotation360°360°360°360° All Axis360°
IP Sealing Rating6750505050
Interface FormatCAN/RS232/RS485QuadratureQuadratureQuadrature/RS232SEI/Analog
Options & Features
Programmable DampingYesNoNoYesNo
Programmable ZeroYesNoNoYesYes
Index Output OptionNoYesYesYesNo
Programmable ResolutionYesNoNoYesYes
MEMS SensingYesNoNoYesNo