Custom Encoders

Our encoder experts work with you to design a customized product from prototype to production within a matter of weeks.

US Digital® can customize patterns, mounting holes, and
hubs for transmissive and reflective media - with
best-in-industry lead times.

Ranges and Capabilities:

  • Linear strips up to 35"
  • Disk max diameter of 24"
    (Larger sizes available upon request)


Customization featuring the E4P Optical Kit Encoder

E4P Example 1

A shafted variant of our E4P encoder which has been modified with a pinion gear and application specific mounting for a medical system.

E4P Example 2

A standard E4P encoder with a custom mounting arrangement used in a consumer product application.

E4P Example 3

A custom linear measuring encoder derived from our standard E4P product used in the textile industry.