US Digital Outreach Center

In 2006, this building was purchased and renovated to become the new home of US Digital, the maker of motion control products. For one year, an extra 17,000 square foot section of the 110,000 square foot building sat empty waiting for a useful purpose.

We were inspired by a simple question in the Bible, “What is that in your hand?” (Exodus 4:2). The simple staff in Moses’ hand became the instrument that God used to part the Red Sea. What was in our hand? We had extra office space and a heart for God to use it as a blessing. That inspiration, coupled with God’s providence and hard work created a blessing that we trust reflects God’s heart for this community.

The idea was simple: Develop that space and provide the infrastructure for a variety of small Christ centered ministries that complement each other. We provide their home and allow them the freedom to operate independently to fulfill their purposes. The common location of multiple ministries under one roof promotes synergy, cooperation, and networking that multiply their opportunities and effectiveness.

God prospers and blesses our business as we seek to honor Him and follow our owner’s manual, the Bible. We hope that the good ship US Digital will inspire other businesses to partner with Christ and be His providence to their communities.

This is our story. What is in your hand?

1400 NE 136th Avenue, Suite 201, Vancouver, Washington 98684 (Map)
Outreach Center's Calendar of Events

Our Outreach Ministries

Adoption / Pregnancy

God has called us to passionately serve the world's forgotten children by creating hope through life-changing ministry. All God's Children is an orphan care ministry and adoption agency dedicated to rescuing and caring for children around the world by providing the shelter, care and love that every child deserves.  

Christian Family Adoptions is non-profit adoption agency licensed in Washington and Oregon, successfully placing hundreds of children into caring, loving families since 1958. From the initial contact with the birth mother, to the mountain of legal paperwork, to the post-adoption counseling, CFA is committed to the well being of everyone involved.  

Options 360¦ provides education to women and teens on: parenting, adoption and abortion with compassion and understanding. We are here to provide caring, nonjudgmental information to women and teens who find themselves faced with an unplanned pregnancy.  

World Life Organization

On the front lines of proLife activism, World Life fights to create a culture in which abortion is unthinkable. We desire to bring healing to women and men who have been wounded by abortion, and to motivate people to defend the pre-born. Through innovative resources and creative activism, World Life reveals the "fearfully and wonderfully made" humanity of the pre-born child, exposes the indescribable injustice of abortion, and shares the lifesaving Gospel of Jesus Christ.  

Arts and Education

AWARE is a prevention education organization for todayÆs youth culture whose purpose is to provide strategies for stronger relationships, families and communities. Our programs inspire students to embrace character, respect and responsibility allowing them to make wise life choices.  

First Class Homeschool Ministries is committed to helping parents start homeschool cooperatives in partnership with their local church.  

Journey Theater Arts Group provides theater arts education to students ages 6-18. Through our programming we seek to guide people towards Christ and produce theater that changes lives.  

From its beginning, MMS has provided seminars to Christian non-profits on: law, governmental compliance, taxation, sustainable cash flow, developing and maintaining leadership capacity, and budgeting. In the Fall of 2011 the board voted to expand their leadership development efforts to a worldwide audience of individuals, families, and organizations in poverty and focusing on biblical leadership development. By leveraging the Internet with the experience and education of an expanded team, our strategy is to provide free material for both adults and children through a wide variety of educational venues.  

Servants Bible School

Prepares men and women for Christian service in their homes, among their friends or co-workers, on the mission field, or as full-time pastors. We equip motivated individuals to grow in their Christian walk through rigorous study, without the burden of quitting their jobs or going into debt.  

The mission of S.H.A.P.E. Education is to Shape Kids Inside and Out. S.H.A.P.E. (the Source for Health and Physical Education), a non-profit organization, was founded in 2004 to help charter schools deliver a complete education, fight obesity in children, teach life-long health and wellness, promote physical activity, and help students develop integrity and ethics.  


We are a team of professional chaplains and dedicated volunteers committed to building relationships with those who are sick, lost, lonely and often forgotten. We equip the local church to reach out in compassion to people in care settings including hospitals, nursing homes, retirement communities, hospice care and private homes.  

Compassion Ministries

Called To Rescue is a non-profit worldwide organization given to rescuing minor children from sex trafficking, violence and abuse. We are dedicated to prevention through education and training of youth of all ages, as well as their parents.  


Historic Camp Lacamas is a retreat and conference center that has been serving regional churches and community groups for over 75 years. Something awesome occurs when people remove themselves from the day to day world of hectic schedules and inject themselves into God's creation and an environment of reflection, worship, and learning from His word.  

Reaching out to children who don't get a chance to go to church through afterschool clubs, backyard Bible clubs, camps and fair outreach.  

China Outreach Ministries

China Outreach Ministries (COM) shares Christ's love and truth with Chinese scholars and researchers at universities in North America, seeking to develop caring relationships to open the door for sharing the Gospel. We then hope to lead those we've befriended to a life-saving faith in Christ. Next is the discipling, training and mentoring of these new Christians. Finally, time is spent preparing and positioning them to be multiplying leaders in China after they return, equipping them to minister creatively in the name of Christ to other Chinese people. Duane and Jodi Decker serve the Chinese scholars studying and conducting post-doctoral research at both Portland State University (PSU) and Oregon Health Science University (OHSU).  

Taking the gospel through evangelism to every junior high and high school in the area.  

Wycliffe, the world's largest Bible translation organization is comprised of dozens of partnering organizations and more than 6,400 translators, linguists, aviators, humanitarian workers, educators and administrators. Founded in 1942, Wycliffe is an innovator in high-tech translation strategies. The organization is currently working with language communities in 93 countries on 6 continents to make the Bible and critical health and humanitarian materials accessible to all people in the language most meaningful to them. In November 2008, Wycliffe USA launched the Last Languages Campaign with the goal of starting a Bible translation program in every remaining language by 2025.  


MarriageTeam trains Christian couples to be marriage coaches and places couples with coaches to strengthen and save marriages. Married couples report an average 74% improvement in their relationship and rate their coaching experience an average 9.2 on a scale of 1 to 10. Marriage coaches help couples create a common playbook so they can work together to resolve the issues they face. MarriageTeam can help you create a winning marriage by empowering you with the skills and plays you need to be successful.  


Exodus Mentors is a non profit 501 (C)(3) organization with a passion for at-risk youth. Our mission is to reach the hurting kids of our community through volunteer mentors, speakers and events to promote positive direction changes in the lives of the kids we meet.  

Man Up is a wrestling club that focuses on rescuing boys by encouraging them to accept responsibility, reject passivity, and lead courageously to become the men of God they were always meant to be. It's about raising boys to be warriors of integrity for Jesus.  

Urban Progress

Motivating urban children and families to succeed academically, socially, and spiritually; through our After School Program, 1-On-1 Program (mentoring), Urban Summer Day Camp, and Strengthening the Family Workshops.  


Church Resource Ministries (CRM) empowers leaders to strengthen and start churches worldwide.  

Shaping the character of individuals for the purpose of long-term personal change and world impact through short-term missions.  

Our mission has been enabling called and committed followers of Jesus Christ to serve with purpose and passion within our nation's borders since 1790. Formerly known as the American Sunday School Union and then American Missionary Fellowship, we partner with local churches to design programs to reach urban and rural communities with God's love and the life giving Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our ministries include summer Bible camps, first responder- hospital- prison- military chaplaincy programs, short-term missions, youth leadership training and church planting.  

Sharing the love of Jesus to Muslim people in Gambia through education, feeding, medical care and compassionate ministries.  

Organizing short term mission trips, mostly to Rwanda, to help get an estimated 7,000 street children into loving, Godly homes. Our mission includes evangelism, construction, providing water purification systems and meeting the basic life needs of the poor, sick, orphaned, widowed or imprisoned.  

WorldVenture is a worldwide Christian organization serving over 1,000 missionaries and transformational ministries that produce significant positive changes in the lives of children, churches and communities. We build partnerships around the world with people who serve Christ through ministries of evangelism, church development, leadership training, compassion and local mission movements.  


Building, Unifying, Inspiring, Loving and Developing the Body of Christ. Detour hosts events like All Church Picnic - Over 3,000 Christians gathered to worship God; Pastor's Appreciation Breakfast - Day of appreciation for over two hundred local pastors and ministry leaders and Business Detour - A powerful network of small groups for local business men. Learn more about Detour at  

Striving to be a blessing to our community through specialized coffee and fruit drinks. As a non-profit cafT, 100% of the proceeds support a variety of ministries at the US Digital Outreach Center.  


LINKS partners with community entities (including local school districts, law enforcement, community service groups and churches) to provide food and healthy bread to needy families in Clark County. LINKS addresses emergency food needs rather than long term assistance. Email contact -  


International Renewal Ministries is committed to building the church to impact the community through Spirit-led, worship-fed, Scripture-based, corporate prayer.  

Radio Station

We believe in using culturally relevant media to influence this generation to love and follow Jesus.  

Suicide Prevention

Unite 4 Life is a non-profit organization based in Vancouver, WA. We were founded in December of 2006 in Livermore, CA with one driving mission: helping hurting students. Our purpose is to create an atmosphere in schools and communities where every hurting young person is getting the help they need. We are a comprehensive youth depression awareness and suicide prevention program designed to be implemented on school campuses and in communities. This program was developed through a collaboration of youth organizations, mental health professionals, local police, and concerned members of the community.