Introducing the E7MD and E7MS

Vancouver, WA - US Digital is proud to announce the release of two new metal optical kit encoders, the E7MD and E7MS.

The E7MD and E7MS are low cost rotary optical encoders with a machined aluminum enclosure which utilizes a polarized Molex connector. These encoders provide either a single-ended or differential quadrature encoder output in a convenient mechanical package. Both encoders are specifically designed for high volume, cost sensitive OEM motion control applications where digital encoder feedback and moderate resolutions are required.

The E7MD and E7MS are designed to easily mount to and dismount from an existing shaft to provide digital feedback information. These encoders are quick and simple to assemble, eliminating the need for highly skilled assembly personnel.

Both the E7MD and E7MS are easy to add to existing applications and only consists of four main components: base, cover, codewheel and encoder module PCB. The E7MD and E7MS are available from stock for immediate delivery.

Key Features:

  • Low cost
  • Quick simple assembly
  • Low profile version available
  • A and B quadrature output
  • Metal construction
  • 180 to 625 CPR
  • 720 to 2500 PPR
  • +5VDC supply
  • Frequency response up to 30kHz
  • 2 channel quadrature output
  • Accepts 0.02" shaft axial play
  • Available with either single-ended or RS422 differential outputs
  • Fits shaft diameters from 0.079" (2mm) to 0.394" (10mm)

Possible Applications:

  • Servo motor control
  • Robotics
  • Pick and place equipment
  • Office automation
  • Medical equipment


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