Introducing the EM1

Vancouver, WA - US Digital is releasing its much anticipated optical encoder module today:
the EM1.

The EM1 is a three channel optical incremental encoder module. It is designed to detect linear or rotary position when used together with an encoder disk or linear strip. Each module consists of a lensed LED source and a monolithic detector IC enclosed in a small plastic package. This module uses phased array technology to provide superior performance and greater tolerances over traditional aperture mask type encoders.

em1.jpg Each module provides digital quadrature and index channel outputs. The EM1 uses a single +5V supply and features internal single ended line drivers with TTL outputs while sourcing or sinking up to 8mA of current

The first resolutions that are now available for optical encoder linear strips are 120, 125, 127, 200 and 250 CPI and the first resolution for optical encoder rotary disks are 32 CPR. These are replacements for discontinued Agilent parts HEDS-9200-L00 and HEDS-9200-M00. They work with our stock linear strips. New resolutions will be added weekly, so please check back frequently.

They are available from stock with little or no lead-time. Technical specs and pricing are available here.